and open fields of eucalyptus, westward bound

greenery collages.
kodak vc, stylus.

a blasphemous and gloomy collage from the other day.
india ink, nailpolish, US weekly, religious pamphlet, notebook paper.



this past sunday felt like the first real day of winter.

marina was here! we braved the conditions for lunch in columbus circle. we lasted maybe four minutes.
hasselblad, olympus stylus


cold discovery

eve and thayna at margo's apartment

me in my mother's yard


BFA photo opening

tomorrow (monday) night, opening's 6-9 on 27th b/w 7th and 8th.  come through!


dry the rain

west village right before my camera broke. expired fuji rvp 100, stylus.
i love these big... the colors turned out nicer than expected.