in the pines

photo collages all shot with kodak vc and ilford sfx
and found image of mom on her and dad's honeymoon.


all over this town

same camera, same film.



here's some collages/diptychs i'm starting. might make more.  
nina and rose are hilarious and dylan is awesome.

the top one is a distorted cross processed neg and kodak vc, the bottom is the same and polaroid from colorado.


separate from the rest

 jeremy and luke etc.  kodak 400vc via olympus stylus.

eves room.


reindeer moss

some old slide film, canon eos 10s.


...and i caved.

to the blog.  so this will serve as a sort of photographic journal.  

these were shot with my rolleiflex at the home of joan and nathan lyons in rochester, ny.

in addition here are a few polaroid land camera sx-70 images shot in colorado.